Welcome to Creative Front Cambridgeshire


We are the noisy voice for the creative industries in Cambridgeshire.

The creative industries have long been an overlooked sector in Cambridgeshire and we think that should change! We have created the network because we believe that if everyone in the creative sector got together, a powerful community of individuals and organisations would form. You might be working in advertising or design, fashion, film or music; you might be an architect, publisher or software developer, or you could be doing your thing in visual art or computer game development....maybe even several of the above.

Creative Front Cambridgeshire, is led by Anglia Ruskin University as an initiative to stimulate, incubate, grow and further the creative industries in the Cambridge area.                                                                                                                    Anglia Ruskin logo


Creative Front has three focus areas:

  • Profile - We lead large scale national and european events which provide the creative industries in Cambridgeshire with a strong and credible profile: regionally, nationally and internationally

  • Collaboration - We stimulate and encourage connections between those engaged in the sector for economic prosperity and innovation

  • Business Development - We attract new talent and new business to the industry and retain a talented and skilled workforce

Get involved and together we can make things happen!



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