Clear Books

Clear Books

Clear Books is a cloud accounting software provider with a mission to champion the small businesses of Great Britain.

We’re creating the best business software platform to save small businesses time, make them more efficient and help them achieve their goals. We provide small businesses with tools previously only available to big businesses

Our team believes in changing how your small business does business…by being more innovative, fun, simple, efficient, beautiful, fast, accessible, open and collaborative.

Our flagship cloud software is Clear Books: online accounting to free your time. Since this inaugural cloud accounting software we have reinvented payroll with our cloud based Open Payroll and brought human resources online with Staff Room. And we’re doing much much more to help small businesses.

Our philosophy is that every application we develop and use internally to run our own business we will make available to our customers to benefit from too.

What our team creates is vital to the prosperity of thousands of small businesses who use our business software platform.

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