Some different types of contract

Below will help you understand the types of contracts you should be using!


Selling contracts: when designs are being sold to retailers, galleries and buyers.

Commission contracts: when the public, including private and corporate clients, are

commissioning work.

Licensing reproductions: when a client wants to reproduce artwork.

Exhibition contracts: used when exhibiting at public spaces, galleries, trade shows etc.

Consignment agreements: used when work is being consigned to retail galleries or other

Consignment receipt: used to acknowledge receipt of work.

Order specification: used to communicate details of orders or projects.

Copyright assignment: used when copyright will be assigned (sold) by the designer.

Confidentiality agreement: used at different stages when it is necessary to keep information

Royalty agreement: used when payment for work is made through royalties. This does not

involve a sale of your copyright work – only permission to use it.

Works agreement: an agreement between employer and contractor.

Employer sub-contractor agreement: an agreement between designer and sub-contractor

outlining terms.

Practical completion (interior design): used when work has been approved and payment

can be authorised.

Manufacturing contract: an agreement between designer and manufacturer.

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