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How an internship and work experience could benefit you!

Universities are now much more than places of learning. They’re the foundation of your future career.

In this article a number of students talk about the invaluable experience that they gained during their work placements, which they obtained with the help of the university’s ties with the creative industries:

“ARU has 20% of the UK games industry located right here on its doorstep. It has ties with the major companies and is continually supported by them via sponsored events and talks. If you want to get into this Industry and if you want to get noticed, then you will.” (Nathan Saunders)

Other students have obtained placements within large companies, such as Mastertronic and Sony Guerrilla Cambridge, many of them talking about the priceless experience working on AAA games:

“The best part of the placement was seeing how a game studio works first hand, and the creation of an AAA quality game. This allowed me to see what skills I should improve on and gain to improve my employability in the gaming industry.” (Eric Venables)

“The chance to work on such a huge title such as Killzone: Mercenary is literally once in a lifetime opportunity. To also network with such respected Industry professionals has been priceless.” (Nathan Saunders)

Thanks to placements and continual support, students find it easier to join the work force straight out of university:

“Out of university I was able to get an Internship with Sony Computer Entertainment Cambridge, where I was then at the end of my internship employed as a Production Assistant. As for the future, I’m working on my own title for iOS, and looking to further myself in the Computer Games industry.” (Josh Croft)

“Since graduating I am now employed in a role related to my studies. It was mainly due to work experience offered by the university that got me the chance to have an interview. “ (Kathryn Wells)

You can see from the above internships can benefit students as well as graduates. Keep an eye on our job pages and also the RDCS internship programme.

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