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Guest Blog: Jon Torrens - How to come across professional in your writing

How to come across as professional in your writing

It’s a joy to read something that’s been written properly. Here are a few tips to help your writing become slick and professional.

  1. Research your recipient. Make sure that you’re giving them enough information (they may be completely unfamiliar with your subject).  Also, children – or someone for whom English is not their first language – may struggle with colloquialisms and long sentence structures. Presenting something complex in a complex way is easy, but the ability to communicate complex concepts in an accessible way is highly valued.
  2. Keep it concise. Condense long sentences where possible, and trim the fluff. Make every word have value.
  3. Proof-read it! It’s an obvious one, but easy to omit when doing final edits. Spell-checkers are very handy, but not fool-proof. Read through your piece after every edit, then get someone else to read it before final submission.

Keep all these in mind and you’ll have a good structure for coming across as genuinely professional in your writing.


Posted by: Jon Torrens is a former stand-up comic and computer game designer; his philosophy is 'be creative, convincing and concise'. He lives in Ely, the third smallest city in England.

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