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Anglia Ruskin University Internship Programme

Anglia Ruskin's programme places recent, high-calibre graduates or penultimate year students into businesses in Cambridgeshire, Essex and surrounding areas to work on short-term, strategic projects.

It offers organisations a flexible and cost-effective resource, with long-lasting benefits, while interns can benefit from the opportunity to develop their skills, gain valuable experience in a work environment and improve their CVs.

Projects can be up to 12 weeks in length, and the Programme is open to businesses of all sizes across the East of England and to graduates and undergraduates of any UK university.

Graduates and Students

Graduates and students who undertake our Programme can gain the chance to:
  • Develop their specialist skillset
  • Pick up valuable experience in a work environment
  • Stand out from the crowd by strengthening their CV
  • Get paid while doing all of the above
Looking for a paid internship in Essex, Cambridge or the East of England? Then this is the Programme for you.
Visit our Graduate and Students section to find out more.



Businesses who take part in our programme stand to gain plenty as well:
  • Extra help on short-term, strategic projects
  • The ability to work with skilled young workers, keen to expand their skillset
  • The opportunity to engage with some of the brightest candidates in education
For more information about how our programme could benefit your company, visit our Business section
For all general enquiries please contact the internship programme at

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