Showcasing your work

You’re up against many other graduates who, like you, are ambitious and ready to find their ideal job in Cambridgeshire’s creative industries.

If you’re in an interview, your presentation is probably going to consist of a talk through your portfolio. But if you’re pitching for a freelance project be aware that you may be expected to give a more formal style presentation. However, the advice on this page could still be useful and relevant.
Get the right attitude

It’s mentioned quite a lot on this website but attitude says a great deal about the kind employee you’d be. A future employer wants to be assured that you’d throw yourself into a new job wholeheartedly. After all, when everyone’s under pressure you need that appetite for success to deliver top-notch work over and over again. So, when you’re presenting your work be enthusiastic, confident yet calm.
Your audience

Ok, so you’re probably not going to be asked to put on a stage show, but you still need to think about who will be looking at your work. Consider…

  • What do they want to hear?
  • What interests them?
  • How is your portfolio relevant to the roles you’re applying for?
  • How can your work help the business and its clients?
  • Can you contribute any new skills to the business?

Researching the company before your interview will also help you plan what you want to say.

Cherry-pick projects
Interviewers usually want to see a diversity of work but only select your best projects. Include around 10 examples and give particular attention to 4 or 5.

What to talk about
Your portfolio is just the starting point. When talking through the examples give your interviewer a clear insight into how you approached each project - this gives you the chance to highlight your range of skills. As you prepare, ask yourself…

  • Who was the project for?
  • How did you come up with the idea?
  • What was the timescale? Did you have to deliver to a strict deadline?
  • What was the budget?
  • What skills did you use other than your artistic skills?
  • Did you collaborate with anyone such as a web developer, a copywriter or a printer?

If you don’t have any commercial experience, don’t worry. Talk about the processes you went through for university projects or work you’ve done at home.

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