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Elma Glasgow

Guest Blog: Elma Glasgow, How Copywriting Can Give You Charisma

How copywriting can give you charisma!

Whether you’re creating copy for print or digital, you must grab your customers’ attention from the get-go. Use words that’ll give them a wink, start a conversation and build rapport. When done with skill it could bring about a beautiful customer relationship!

Give your audience something that’ll make their life better, easier, more fun, more luxurious, more…well, you get the picture. Give them something engaging. Something that’ll win their hearts, as well as their minds!

How can you achieve such compelling copy? Well, it involves a combination of elements: structure, word-flow, punctuation, vocabulary, tone of voice and character. There’s no doubt that good copywriting is a craft, but we’re going to let you in on a few secrets that could make your marketing copy more magnetic.

  1. Put your customer first

Focussing on how your company was established when you actually want to promote your new heated-shiatsu-massaging car seats probably won’t help you boost sales. As hinted above, to appeal to customers you need to put them first. When writing copy, think about what they want to know and how they want to feel. Inspired? Empowered? You also need to hold their attention by writing in a style that suits them. Your average luxury 4x4 driver is unlikely to respond to language more suited to two-door run-around owners!

  1. Give copy emotion                                                                                       

When used well just a few words can carry huge amounts of emotion.  Images can help get the message across in a more immediate way. Take inspiration from charities, which rely on succinct copy to raise essential funds to carry out their vital work. They quite literally can’t afford to get it wrong.

  1. Be confident

If you decide to hand over your project brief to a Cambridge copywriter you’re opening up a wonderful opportunity to source fresh and exciting ideas that may not have occurred to you before. If the writer comes back with unexpected but engaging concepts, go with it. Be bold - break out of old habits and inject new energy into your marketing.

  1. Make it look effortless

Like soft clay, language needs to be played around with. It needs to be stretched and thrown around a bit before it takes shape. Replace the potter’s wheel with a laptop and a dollop of imagination, and you have everything you need for some striking craftsmanship. By harnessing the power of punctuation (yes, apostrophes are important!), word-length and vocabulary, your copy can be moulded into something that flows nicely, making it easy for readers to absorb and instantly understand.

Also knowing how language works will help you smooth out inconsistent and rough copy that, when read, feels jarring. This is really important; your customers might not realise why the copy is hard work to read so they’ll just to move on.

  1. Your promise – a building block of trust

If you run a business you already know never to promise what you can’t deliver. Repeatedly disappointed customers lead to a loss in loyalty that could damage your reputation. A copywriter can write fantastic copy, but you need to be very clear on what you’re offering. By developing an accurate project brief, the copy will reflect your product or service with authenticity and integrity.


Although this is just a small sample of techniques used to create charismatic copy (we can’t give away all of the trade secrets!), we hope it comes in handy. If you’d like more advice, contact Red Ruby Copywriting today.

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