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GUEST BLOG: Jon Torrens, Help Yourself

Help Yourself

I started using Foursquare recently, and it really pushes my buttons as regards what I can put into it. Specifically: 


  1. Location/Activity - 'Hey! I'm on the sofa!'
  2. Creativity - photos and/or amusing commentary. 
  3. Some thought and generosity - tips on what to try and what to avoid.


If you're a recipient of my superbly original social media shenanigans, your priorities are probably in the reverse order: 


  1. Helpful 
  2. Entertaining
  3. Neither of the above 


Point 1 is the big one! (Combine 1 and 2 to strike gold.) The interwebatron (to give it its correct title) is best put to use when helping other people, right?  Do yourself a favour by doing one for someone else. Stop obsessing over your own world and try looking at someone else's for a moment, to see how you can help them, unconditionally. Your generosity will be returned in time.


Hey, I'm in a cafe!


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