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Guest Blog: Rencontres Audiovisuelles - Getting your film noticed at a festival

There is no magic recipe.

A good film, a film that will catch our attention and will be selected to be in our festival; has to be out of the ordinary, surprise or move us. Of course, there is necessarily a subjective dimension in the film selection, but if I had to define our editorial line, I would say that we pay particular attention to how innovative the film is, in content and in style, as well as to the personal signature of the director and his team. We appreciate boldness, in the choice of the topic or the aesthetics; and we are suspicious about overly
classical, « well polished » films, which can turn out quite impersonal.

A short film can tackle a topic that has been seen over and over again, but it has to be approached from a new angle, using its own selectivity. We particularly appreciate sensing the author’s approach, and getting immersed in his ideas. No need for large resources to make an impression on us, a good idea is enough, if it is used carefully.

What still amazes me with this job – film programmer – is to still be able to be surprised or flabbergasted by a film, even after watching hundreds of them…

It is this exact capacity of “awakening” that a film can provoke which will be the most decisive element in determining whether it will be programmed at our festival.

Last year, the International Short Film Festival of Lille received 1 700 films.

By Julie Charnay:

“I am the programming coordinator at Rencontres Audiovisuelles (Lille, France), a non-lucrative organization working throughout the year on the promotion of a different cinema and image literacy. Specializing in short films, animation and new images, the organization accompanies many institutional and socio-cultural players in the implementation of workshops or screenings.

Additionally, we organize two major yearly events: the International Short Film Festival and the Fête de l’anim’.

Particularly sensitive to animation and shorts, I had the opportunity to discover some wonders at the Cinémathèque Française, the Archives of the European Commission, or at the International Festival of Animrationg Cinema in Meknès (Marocco), the first festival ever dedicated to animation in Africa.

 Recontres Audiovisuelles is a partner in the VIVID project

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