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Starting out? Do's and Don'ts


 Some DOs and DON’Ts when starting out!


  • DON’T leave it more than 3 days to get back to clients: If you say you are going to do something, do it.


  • DO continuously develop new business even if you are busy - never be without clients.


  • DON’T limit your own client base. Even if you have a clear idea of who your clients are and who you want your future clients to be, don’t automatically exclude clients. You never know where your next opportunity is going to come from!


  • DO keep in contact with clients as part of your strategy, and inform them of any new products.


  • DON’T treat everyone already in the business as “the competition”. There is plenty of room for collaboration and team-work and working on projects with other people can be mutually beneficial. Maybe their next project can also be yours.


  • DO use a database of client information, and note on it any specific information about the client.


  • DON’T underestimate word-of-mouth. Good relationships with both clients and colleagues will lead to more opportunities.


  • DO speak to designers already in business and ask for their marketing advice, read as many articles in magazines and newspapers as possible, and see what is really happening in the market.

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