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Brains Eden, 2013 Games Produced

Breathing Bits

Published: 23rd July 2013.

Brains Eden saw another fantastic gaming festival with 150 students participating from the UK and Europe to work in 31 teams.

Throughout the Games Jam students worked with the aid of industry experts and professionals to create a game from scratch over a weekend.  The theme was Mountains and the following games are now available to play, click the game title to start.

Breathing Bits: NHTV University of Applied Sciences, Holland

Breathing BitsThere Will Be Mountains A sun spirit is found lost on a barren planet. By spinning it, the spirit will terraform the lands. For the player to gain points, the sun spirit will have to be kept alive as long as possible. Clever play, avoiding mountains and destroying them in time, will allow the high score to be beaten.

ByteMeToo: University of West London, UK 

Bytemetoo Team photoRain Dance Help the starving tribe by guiding the water through a series of obstacles to water their crops.

Hellcoders: Universidad Madrid, Spain

Hell CodersGolem Hunter The game is pretty simple. Each player has a cubic world where volcanos, mountains, plains and lava pits are placed. There are stone golems walking over the plains. You have to get rid of the golems leading them to the lava pits. To do so, you have the power to destroy the mountains and to create new ones over the plains. More golems will appear over the time so you better be quick!

The London Mets: London Metropolitan, UK

London MetsDwarficide A simple platformer where you have to go and rescue your fallen brothers and sisters which have been turned into crystals by the evil dwarves, space to shoot, B to smash boxes, arrow keys to move and P to open the shop.

First Attempt: Norwich University of the Arts and Abertay University

First AttemptSuperBloon you must save as many falling parachuters as possible by collecting them into your Bloon basket before the storm hits. Avoid the mountain peaks and goats to keep your basket in-tact, and fill up on fuel as often as you can. For more detailed instructions access the help section from the game's main menu.

Vector 4: National Film and Television School, UK

Mountain Mike is enjoying a lovely ride on his bike along a sunny mountain path. Unfortunately, he's a bit of a klutz and doesn't check where he's going! Help Mike on his way by moving the mountains to create a clear path for him, absorbing the pleasant summer ambience along the way.

The Villains: Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, Rotterdam

Berg & Dal is a two-player mobile tablet game. The goal is for each player to get their character to the finish to complete the level. In order to do so, players often have to help each other, for example by removing obstacles or helping them reach certain parts of the level.

 Team UCS: University Campus of Suffolk, UK

UCSCrazy Climber Chris Outrun the demons and collect the precious gold in this exciting rhythm game!

Cats n Disco Balls: Breda University of Applied Sciences, Holland

Titanic Tossers An action strategy game for 2 players. The game is played on a tablet where two players take turns controlling a Titan to throw a civilization creating rock into the pond. When a player joins three islands and creates a mountain she wins.

Random Encounters: Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Random EncountersEagle Mountain. Soar above the clouds as a great Golden Eagle in this peaceful game, riding the winds to hunt for prey and explore the snow-capped mountain peaks. Feeling competitive? Race against the clock to capture all the blue prey birds and then challenge your friends to beat your time. With atmospheric music by Krisztián Hofstädter, get lost in a frozen world above the clouds.

Cortex: University of Bedfordshire, UK

CortexTerrabad Built in 5 hours after two failed attempts Terrabad translates to Terribly Bad. Please forgive us!

To Be Confirmed: Anglia Ruskin University and Cambridge University collaborated, UK

to be confirmedMura March a game in which you must aid villagers in building their homes up the mountain path. Swipe/Click & drag boulders out of the way and unlock powers along your journey up the mountain. We thoroughly enjoyed our time creating this project and had an amazing weekend at Brains Eden.

PoleIIID Team: Pole IIID, France

Pole 3DYeti'n Roll Roll your Yeti as fast as you can and smash all the minion! This link will be available during 2 weeks only.

Placeholder Games: University Campus of Suffolk, UK

PlaceholderHang in There Scale the Mountain as high as you can! Move your finger (or mouse) to move the climber to dodge obstacles along the way. Try not to fall behind or the Giant Yeti will get you.

MMU: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

MMUThe Misadventures of Billy the Goat is hungry and wants to get to the tasty patch of grass that's higher up on the mountain. Alas Billy needs your help as he can't navigate across chasms so build him a path so he can get his food!

The Axis of Ignorance: Southampton Solent University, UK

The axis of IgnorancePursuit of Happiness

Split Path: Norwich University of the Arts and Abertay University, UK

Split PathMountain of Scrap A lighthearted jab at mass consumerism, in a fast paced touch screen game that challenges reaction time and precision

Team Mash-Up: Avans University, Holland

Crumble Once upon a time there was a peaceful village. They lived in harmony. But one day an evil mountain decided to tear the village in two parts.Dark days fell upon the villages. Until now, a hero arises to defeat the villainous mountain, even at the cost of his own live. Will he save and reunite the village? Play and see...

Last Stand: Howest University, Belgium

Last StandStorm BrothersThe game is about two Viking brothers who have to climb a mountain to prove themselves as true Viking warriors and to have their weapons blessed by the Viking gods whose soul resides in a statue atop the mountain

Gudrun Förgöraren: Nackademin Yrkeshögskola, Sweden

Waz & Dank A puzzle platformer where you control two characters, Waz and Dank. Waz can only move by teleport, and he also has the ability to recall his mate to his position, while Dank has the freedom of movement and can plant bombs to remove obstacles that are in the way. With these unique qualities, they will need to help each other to reach the top of the mountain.

GMT: University of Greenwich, UK

GMTFundor –Beard of Zeus

DSV: Stockholm University, Sweden

Mountain Top

DMU: De Montfort University, UK











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