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Budding Artists Showcase their Work at Anglia Ruskin University Degree Show

Budding Artists CSA Degree Show

Published: 23rd June 2014.

Rising stars in art and design showcased their collections at a university degree show.

The exhibition, entitled ‘First Impressions’, showcased the work of budding artists from Anglia Ruskin University’s (ARU) Cambridge School of Art.

Exhibits included a jumper intricately knitted out of cassette tape by fine art student Michelle Crowther and mind-bending kaleidoscope images created by Austria Kovalenko, who is studying photography.

Austria was inspired by an iPhone app which creates mirror images, and she decided to replicate this technique in her work.

She said: “So after playing around on that app, before I started my second year, I decided to use photoshop to do the same sort of technique and ended up with the best way to represent my thoughts and reflections of the things I have seen.”

Interior design student Sotirios Tseronis even travelled to Athens for his project, where he gutted a building and redesigned it using recycled industrial material to create a space suited to a family with children living in an urban environment.

The project took into account the social concerns around community, ownership of space and cultural identity that he said are important issues for modern-day inhabitants of Athens.

Chris Owen, head of the Cambridge School of Art, said the show gave students an opportunity to make an impression on the art world.

He said: “With the UK’s creative industries now worth £71.4 billion per year to the UK economy, it is important to recognise the growing number of job opportunities available to graduates in this sector and the impact that art and design can have on everyday lives.

“While the Degree Show presents an opportunity for creative industries to snap up new talent and for art lovers to acquire the work of a future star, increasingly Anglia Ruskin art and design students are already experiencing work within the industry by the time they graduate.”

The pieces on display are by students who are about to graduate from creative courses ranging from computer games art to illustration.

‘First Impressions’ is open to the public and it will run until Sunday from 10am to 4.30pm at the Ruskin Gallery, in East Road, Cambridge.

Source: Cambridge Evening News 


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