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Cambridge City Council's Arts Strategy is approved

Cambridge County Council

Published: 29th March 2011.

On Thurs 17th March the Council's finalised Arts Strategy 2011-2014 was approved at its Community Services Scrutiny Committee.  The Strategy outlines the Council's role in the arts for the next three years and identifies four priority areas: Access to art for all, Engage & enable local communities, Enhance the city's reputation & identity, and Protect the environment.  The Strategy was released for public consultation in January.  19 formal responses were received and the document was revised to provide greater clarity of meaning in some areas including; further detail on strengths of the city; clarity over processes surrounding public art; a clear commitment to consultation regarding the proposed leisure grants review; and clarity over proposals to consider arts performance and workspace in the city.  The Strategy is available at this link. A launch of the Strategy is being planned for May/June where the Council will invite stakeholders to help to develop an Action Plan to deliver on the Strategy's priorities.  Further details will be announced in the coming weeks.  


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