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Cambridge company TAG brings logos to life and leads the way in 3D animation


Published: 17th February 2011.

TAG, which has been creating marketing and packaging solutions for household names for 24 years has most recently been brought on board by Cambridge University Press to design and programme a 3D rendered animation logo ‘sting’ – to enable the company to bring their logo to life within all their electronic and video media.

Simon Wheeler, Account Director at TAG. “Cambridge University Press gave us their logo as a picture, in a traditional 2D format, and we have then used very complex 3D software to create layers, depth, different colours and angles to show how this 2D logo would look if it were a real object in your hand. Once we did this we then had to render that object, again using very specialist software, which turned it from a series of still images into a cohesive three dimensional object. Only then can you move that object around in space and add lighting to it so that it’s illuminated from a particular angle - just as you would with a real object in the studio.

“With technology advancing so quickly and becoming more interactive, social media becoming a norm, this type of 3D logo will only become more popular. The wonderful thing is that with 3D you are really only limited by your imagination in terms of what can be achieved – you can add sound, voice-overs, opt for HD, standard definition or widescreen format.”

While this type of interactive approach to logos is on the increase TAG does point out that going down the 3D route is an investment.

Simon added: “With this type of work you will need to commission several days of expertise – but it’s well worth it and the finished product will help any company stand out from the crowd.”

Another addition to the TAG interactive offering is the company’s new approach to PowerPoint.

“We are one of only a handful of companies in the UK who can provide 3D PowerPoint presentations,” explained Simon. “For these, the audience has to wear 3D glasses and the whole presentation seems to stand out from the screen! It could be something to consider for that next jaw-dropping presentation or product launch!”


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