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Cambridge Junction and Raspberry Pi Receive Big Grant to Make Music

Cambridge Junction/Raspberry Pi

Published: 30th April 2014.

Cambridge Junction, along with Cambridge University Faculty of Education and The Raspberry Pi Foundation have been given £124,633 by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts.

The money will go towards a pioneering project making music using the Raspberry Pi computer.

The Sonic Pi: Live & Coding project is one of only eight new digital research projects to get this support.

The project focuses on the low cost (£25), credit-card sized Raspberry Pi computer which was created to encourage children all over the world to learn programming.

Sonic Pi will explore the computers use in education, particularly the creative potential of live coding to provide new ways for young people to get into digital music, turning Pi into a musical instrument.

Two six week trials in secondary schools will support young digital musicians through composition to performing in arts venues.

Compositions will be shared as code via an online forum, encouraging community mash-ups and jams. Ten “artistic explorations” of Sonic Pi Live in the form of ‘Pop-Pi-videos’ will also be commissioned.

A five-day summer school at Cambridge Junction will be held in July to extend the trial into informal education, allowing young people from the trial schools to get Bronze Arts Award qualifications as “Digital Leaders”.

The whole lot will culminate with a summit in Cambridge in November.

Source: Cambridge News


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