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Census Shows New Recruits Lack Key Skills for Creative Industry Careers

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Published: 19th March 2014.

A census of Cambridgeshire-based businesses operating within the creative industry, the fastest-growing sector in the UK, has highlighted that nearly three quarters have noticed a lack of technical, social media, leadership and management skills in new recruits, according to Creative Front Cambridgeshire


Contributing 6% of GDP and employing over 2 million people, the creative industry is set to grow considerably over the next 10 years and Creative Front believes that the census findings,  coupled with other industry research*, indicates that the UK is in danger of slipping behind its international rivals, unless action is taken to revitalise the dynamism of the sector. 

                                                                                                                                            Clare Green Headshot

                                                                                             Clare Green, Manager at Creative Front Cambridgeshire

Clare Green, Manager at Creative Front Cambridgeshire, Anglia Ruskin University’s creative industries network which actively connects academia with industry to develop the creative talent of the future, said: “There is an urgent need to ensure that young people making the transition into this burgeoning industry are equipped with the right skills.  In the context of the UK’s achievements at the Oscars, if the UK creative industry is to maintain its top spot, and leverage these recent accolades, academia and business must collaborate to ensure that the students of today have the rights skills for the industry of tomorrow.”


Clare continued: “On a positive note, the census highlighted that over half of companies within the creative sector in the Cambridgeshire area have actively recruited in the past 12 month, which comes as promising news for students, as over 48 percent of these appointments were graduates or interns.   With the majority of firms within the industry being considered either micro or small, making sure that employers can start contributing proactively from day one is key to their growth and future sustainability.”


In a bid to start addressing these skill gap issues, Creative Front is holding a unique event, Creative Front Futures, to bring together creative businesses and young people to showcase the extraordinary and diverse work that this sector in Cambridgeshire has to offer.  The event is free to attend, and will take place on Wednesday 26th March at Cambridge Junction, CB1 7GX.


Creative Front Futures


Creative Front Cambridgeshire is Anglia Ruskin University’s creative industries network which helps to connect talent with the diverse range of creative businesses within Cambridge. This event is just one of the ways that Anglia Ruskin University with the help of VIVID (Value Increased by Visual Design), funded under the European Interreg IV A Programme “2 Mers Seas Zeeën”, is supporting its students and graduates find work in the region’s dynamic creative sector.


To register for a delegate place at Creative Front Futures, please visit  Follow Creative Front Futures on Twitter at @creativefront; on Facebook on Instagram @creativefront. 


The Creative Industries Census 2013 was conducted amongst the Creative Front database of over 1000+ contacts over a six month period.


Department of Culture, Media and Sport:; CBI and Ernst & Young:



For further information contact Alison Taylor or Zoe Scorer at Conscious Communications:;; 01223 393 812.


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