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Cambridge’s game development studio, Ninja Theory included in Creative England’s 50 report

Creative England 50

Published: 03rd February 2015.

Creative England have released a new report celebrating the breadth of the creative economy across England. The Creative England 50 highlights individuals and businesses from across England who have turned a creative idea into a commercial success. 

The report and event follows recent statistics showing the creative economy has had its most successful year to date with an increase of nearly 10% in GVA and a rise in jobs of 2.6% - that’s 1% higher than the economy as a whole.

Hasan Bakhshi, Director of Creative Economy in Policy & Research at Nesta, said: “Creativity is everywhere, but there are strong forces pulling talent South. This creates an important role for policy makers, who must find ways of supporting and growing their local talent. It means that more than ever we need organisations like Creative England, who support and funds talent across the digital creative industries.”

Creative Front continues to champion the importance and successes of the creative industries in the Cambridgeshire region. We showcase any local creative company through our online directory and spread the word of your work to our 1,626 social media followers and likers. Join us today and together we can be the noisy voice for the creative industries;

Read Creative England's full CE50 report click here. To read more about the recent DCMS report head here.

Source: Creative England

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