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Creative Europe Desk UK Funding Opportunties

Creative Europe

Published: 08th May 2015.

Creative Europe Desk UK launch new co-operation project funds

Who is the funding for?
Creative, cultural and heritage organisations working across any art form, such as visual arts, dance, theatre, literature, performance, music, heritage, architecture, design, circus, festivals, craft and fashion. This includes higher education institutions, local authorities, social enterprises, charities and companies operating in the cultural and creative sectors.

The applicants (the project leader and the partners) must be active in the cultural and creative sectors and be legally established in one of the countries participating in the Culture sub-programme of Creative Europe. Both the project leader and partners must be in a position to demonstrate their existence as a legal entity for at least 2 years on the date of the deadline for submission.

Individuals may not apply for a grant.

Click here for more details and full eligibility criteria is outlined in the guidelines.


Creative Europe Desk UK is a team of 10 specialists based in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Contact us for information and advice on the Creative Europe's sub-programmes, MEDIA for the audiovisual sector and Culture for the creative and cultural sectors.

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