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Design Council Spark

Design Council Spark

Published: 21st November 2014.

Design Council Spark is a new product innovation fund to uncover the UK's next great inventions. Although other funds and accelerators exist to support technology products, there is currently little support for physical products. Design Council Spark is helping to fill this gap.

Their programme is unique - it is not for profit. Participants donate 5% of future sales revenue back into the fund, fuelling a movement of revolutionary products for the UK and beyond.

Who should apply

They are looking for brilliant individuals or teams with revolutionary products or products in development.

This fund is UK focused and is open to anyone based in the UK who has a brilliant product idea that they want to bring to market.

You might have a basic prototype, or a working product that you would like to commercialise. Early stage ideas as well as working prototypes are welcome.

Your product prototype or idea should be primarily physical rather than digital, and will be judged against the following criteria:

  • Need and market - Does it meet a clear and compelling user or market need?

  • Technical feasibility - Can it be developed to at least a working prototype within 20 weeks?

  • Business viability - Does the idea show strong promise for how it will generate financial value?

Apply now for a chance to win a place on our 20 week bespoke support programme, as well as up to £65,000 investment to help bring your physical product prototype or idea to market.

Source: Design Council Spark


For more information on Design Council Spark and how to apply, please visit Design Council Spark

For more information on Creative Front, please email 

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