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Contribute to the Digital Research & Development Programme from Arts Council and NESTA

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Published: 26th May 2011.


Arts Council England and NESTA

Arts Council England and NESTA are developing a programme which aims to help arts and cultural organisations use digital technologies to engage audiences in new ways and create opportunities for new business models.

The programme aims to support projects that can be adapted and implemented by other organisations. As such, rigorous research methods will be used throughout the programme to provide transferable insights for the benefit of the wider sector.

The investment in programme activities for the arts and cultural sector in England will be worth £500,000 over 2011/12.  

Timetable for applications

The programme will comprise three parts:

1) May 2011 - A scoping exercise to engage with the sector to determine the areas and themes of most importance

2) June 2011 - September 2011 - A call for applications from arts and cultural organisations for project proposals

3) October 2011 - selected projects will be announced 

Help shape the programme

In order to ensure that programme is fit for purpose, Arts Council England and NESTA are undertaking an initial scoping exercise until 27 May to help develop the themes that the programme will focus on. We're looking for your help and feedback:

Contribute to the Digital R&D programme

It should only take a few minutes.

If you have any questions please contact Angela Pugh at

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