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Education Secretary unveils new plan to use computer games in schools

Michael Gove

Published: 06th July 2011.

Michael Gove is considering the value of computer games in the classroom to assist with the teaching of maths and science.

The Education secretary believes that introducing video games into schools would allow children to engage more fully with their learning. "When children need to solve equations in order to get more ammo to shoot the aliens, it is amazing how quickly they can learn," said Gove, speaking to the Royal Society in London.

Gove sited the Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy's Manga High system, which arcade-style games are used to teach curriculum topics, as representing a welcome shift in the current system. According to Gove "These developments are only the beginning."

Gove disclosed that the Department for Education was working with the Li Ka Shing Foundation and the Stanford Research Institute to develop a pilot programme for the proposal. He said "I am sure that this field of educational games has huge potential for maths and science teaching and I know that Marcus [du Sautoy] himself has been thinking about how he might be able to create games to introduce advanced concepts, such as non-Euclidean geometry, to children at a much earlier stage than normal in schools."

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