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Hunt for England’s top female game developers

Female Game Dev

Published: 09th September 2014.

Creative England and the UK’s leading crowdfunding website, Crowdfunder have joined forces to find and fund England’s top female game developers and freelancers via an innovative crowdfunding partnership.

A widely reported 49% of gamers in the UK are women but only 12% of the people making the games are female, this partnership aims to put the creative juices of the female counterpart of the industry into the spotlight, jump-starting more opportunities across the board.

The initial £15k fund is being distributed via Crowdfunder to women in the gaming world who are looking to create, write, build and develop games for the ever-growing industry.

Crowdfunder is hosting this unique campaign for developers to upload crowdfunding projects and raise the funds to make their great ideas happen. The first three projects to meet their targets will each receive an additional £5k boost from Creative England. 

This partnership will enable female game developers and industry pioneers to receive the funding they need to support their work alongside reaching out to the digital industry to raise awareness of the sector, their creativity, skills and achievements.

Girl game developers, writers, designers and coders can upload their crowdfunding project at any point which will be placed into the Queen of Code Crowdfunder campaign. Alternatively, to take part, they can register their interest here.

Source: Creative England


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