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Veteran game designer Pascal Luban publishes the Game Design Toolbox

Game Design Toolbox

Published: 11th December 2014.

Veteran game designer Pascal Luban publishes the GAME DESIGN TOOLBOX, an app dedicated to provide concrete game design tutorials based on his experience.

The concept behind the GAME DESIGN TOOLBOX is to provide concrete and easy-to-use tutorials on game design. Written by a professional game designer, they are designed to provide all the information a game designer might need on a specific issue and they include samples from real game design documents.

The content of the app

Tutorials are grouped in five categories that cover all the topics a game designer must be familiar with: Game concept, game mechanics, level design, storytelling and tools. Each category includes up to six highly specific tutorials such as: How to pitch a game, how to monetize a game, designing a user interface or outsourcing work.

Pascal Luban, veteran game designer

The app is published by Pascal Luban, a game industry veteran that lives in France. He has worked for major studios and publishers like Ubisoft, Activision, Sony or Atari. Pascal Luban was the lead level designer on the renowned multiplayer versions of Splinter Cell - Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell - Chaos Theory, the creative director on Wanted - Weapons of Fate, the game sequel to Wanted, the Hollywood blockbuster, and lead game designer on Alone In The Dark - The New Nightmare.

Game design tutorials for everyone, everywhere

The app contains one free tutorial and the other ones can be bought at very low prices; most of them are priced between $1 and $3. "I wanted my tutorials to be affordable to everyone, everywhere, including emerging markets. That's why I am publishing the GAME DESIGN TOOLBOX on mobile platforms, not PC because, in many countries, people are using their handset to access internet, not computers" says Pascal Luban.

The app is available for both iOS and Android phones and tablets.


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