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Brains Eden 2014 Games Produced

Anglia Ruskin

Published: 21st July 2014.

Brains Eden saw another fantastic gaming festival with over 100 students participating from the UK, Europe and Canada to develop a game from scratch in 48 hours.

The theme was Unequal and the following games are now available to play, click the game title to start.


1.  Bloated Squid: Anglia Ruskin University, UK

Anglia Ruskin

Game Title: Space Hole


2.  Amoeba: Norwich University of Arts, UK


Game Title: Entropy

Entropy is all about maintaining balance; the orbs are attracted to their opposite colours but must be taken to their matching zone. Orbs that are too close to the opposite zone for too long cause the zone to shrink. Players must manage the orbs and prevent the zones on screen from shrinking for as long as possible to survive.


3.  Unkown: University of Westminster, UK


Game Title: Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth is a candy themed platform game that the player needs to navigate through the candy world while avoiding falling to their doom.


4.  No Sleep Till Cambridge: NHTV of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands


Game Title: King Of The Beach

The game that won the Brain's Eden BE. Mobile award! A Bullet Hell game with an asymmetric twist! Control four crabs together with a friend and try to score as many points as you can. But watch out for the tide!


5.  The Best Friends Club for Pals: Dalhousie University, Canada


Game Title: Intersect


6.  University of Alicante Team: University of Alicante, Spain


Game Title: Duality

Duality is an endless running game. The screen is separated in two parts, one world per each, with different gravities. The player has to collect some objects and avoid obstacles. To accomplish it, the player can jump and switch between worlds.


7.  Poly Pixel Games: Norwich University of Arts, UK


Game Title: Duelling Djinn 

Duelling Djinn is a competitive two player strategy game where players fight to take control of an evil destructive  Djinn. The screen is split into two leaving one player to control the Djinn while the other player must complete a mini-game as quickly as possible to re-gain control of the Djinn. The game was built in Unity by a team of 5 and created during the Brains Eden Gaming Festival 2014 in a 48 hour Game Jam.


8.  Ascension: London Metropolitan, UK


Game Title: Scramble

In the game Scramble, four characters battle it out to collect the most marbles by the end of the time limit.  Bumping characters makes you both lose half your marbles. Aim for the player with the most marbles for bigger drops or evade if you are winning! 1 or 2 players (The others are AI controlled).


9.  Flag Out: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK


Game Title: Wonky

Wonky, a temple run style runner game.


10.  The Froggies: Supinfogame Rubika, France


Game Title: Witchtrap

Witchtrap is a 2-player game, one controls the Core with the keyboard and has to kill the other with traps by typing spells. The other player controls the Witch with his mouse and arrow key and has to get to the Core to kill it.


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