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Going freelance and how it can work for you


Published: 11th April 2011.

After placing several freelancers and contractors in Graphic Design and Web Design roles within Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire, Brand Digital & Creative have decided to give those thinking of going freelance some tips and advice.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to freelancing and contracting. The obvious advantage is the flexibility of being your own boss. You can choose when and where to work rather than being tied to an employer. This also offers you the variety of working for different companies and environments which will boost your portfolio with the different projects you have worked on. Freelancers also can benefit from the financial rewards. They tend to be paid more than full-time staff.

Disadvantages include the uncertainty of finding freelance work once you have completed a project. With the current economic climate, some employers are opting to recruit permanent in-house staff rather than offering freelance/contract roles.

There is also less security if you are working on a freelance basis compared to permanent employees; no sick pay for example. If you decide to set up your own limited company it can be a hassle to run and maintain your own business including accounts and abiding to guidelines rather than focusing on what you want to do – design!

There are several advantages for potential clients to hire a freelancer/contractor. It would also offer the employer flexibility with hours, length of projects. A freelancer may also provide added value and knowledge to a company which other employees may not be able to provide. 

Deciding to go freelance should only be done after some serious thought and consideration. Before doing anything drastic, you should research the current market for graphic design freelance roles. Your client base will be key to your freelance career and having a pool of potential clients will be crucial to your success.

By signing up to a recruitment agency, such as Brand Digital & Creative, you will be contacted with any suitable graphic and web design freelance or contract roles. Louise Allwood who is a managing consultant at Brand Digital & Creative claims that “freelance and contract opportunities are available across Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire and it does give candidates more freedom than working permanently for an employer.

"For some of the candidates on our books, working freelance works well for them and they would not consider working any other way. However, in the current climate freelancers who are looking to move back in-house are facing several obstacles. Employers are concerned at freelancers ‘stick-ability’ and the reasons behind why freelancers are looking to return to permanent employment. Like with anything, I would suggest not rushing into anything without looking at all the options.”

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