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Jodi Awards for Accessible Digital Culture (UK)


Published: 12th December 2014.

The Jodi Awards are offered in memory of Jodi Mattes and were first given in 2003 - the European Year of Disabled People. The Awards are for museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage venues which use digital technology to widen access to information, collections, learning and creativity for disabled people.  Nominations for projects and services by disability organisations which focus around museum, library and archive collections are also welcomed.

Eligible projects can be low or hi-tech and for small or large audiences, and must have been carried out between 2012 and 2015. Evidence of evaluation will be a requirement of entry, so if this phase of the project has not yet been completed applicants are encouraged to defer to the next biannual Jodi Awards in 2017.

Winners will be announced at a high profile event, and all shortlisted applicants will receive feedback in the form of a small consultancy report in return for their time and engagement.

While each project will be assessed on its own merit, the following factors will be considered:

  • Organisational commitment to disability equality.
  • Involvement of disabled people in the planning, designing, creating and testing of products or services.
  • Adhesion to inclusive design principles.
  • Outcomes, including the quality of finished products or services, key benefits and user endorsements.
  • Level of in-built sustainability and/or growth.
  • Inspirational value and potential impact

The deadline for applications is 12 January 2015.

Source: GRANTfinder


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