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Let The Geek Out! In Business

Let the Geek Out

Published: 16th July 2014.

If you are a geek, it’s time to be proud of it.

Three self-proclaimed Cambridge geeks, EJ Allen, Joshua Cheevers and Samuel Collis have formed Let the Geek Out!, a new company indulging all things geeky.

EJ, 21, who regularly broadcasts on radio channel Cambridgeshire 105, said: “It’s a not-for-profit business at the moment. We have over 200 people interested and there are other businesses who want to work with us.

“It’s quite common for people to hide being a geek, so this is somewhere they can feel safe and free to be themselves.”

So far Let the Geek Out! has run a marathon vintage gaming session at the Centre for Computing History in town, a secret card game (nothing to do with bridge or whist) where there are games and chances to swap collectible cards, and will be involved with Camcon at The Junction next month.

Also upcoming is an event in Buntingford on August 8, a gaming lock-in at the end of the year in Cambridge, and much more, including a major event next year in the city centre, when a number of famous voice actors, some coming from the US specially, will be present. A voice actor is someone who says the words on the videos.

“I am known as the Queen of the Geeks in Cambridge,” EJ, who is managing director of Let the Geek Out!, says. “We are a bunch of rejects all banded together now.”

So what defines geekdom?

“Someone who tends to be socially inept,” says EJ.

“That’s not necessarily true,” says Sam. It’s about being truly passionate about things.” EJ knows what that means, having spent a straight 48 hours on one occasion on a Japanese site.

“It is considered weird, being a geek,” she says, “even shameful. You get people who target the geek scene.”

The business is already making money by creating YouTube videos for customers, and is fast building its following both sides of the Atlantic:“The support is incredible. For next year’s big event we could get over 3,000 people.”

Source: Cambridge Evening News 


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