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Collusion is recruiting eight artists for an intensive week long Lab

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Published: 01st December 2014.

Collusion is recruiting eight artists for an intensive week long Lab exploring the emerging territories of locative media and the internet of things within the public realm. 

Real Time Lab is a five day artist lab taking place at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. exploring the emerging territories of locative media, internet of things and the public realm. Within an intensive week long process, artists will have the opportunity to develop new projects leading to longer range public works.

Eight artists, recruited nationally, will engage with a series of guest presenters in an intensive peer learning environment that encourages continuing project development and research. Artists from all disciplines are invited to apply and it is not necessary to have in-depth technical knowledge of locative or internet of things systems. Accommodation, meals and a small per diem will be provided.

The lab is designed to create a critical, technical and reflective position on how artistic works can be made within the developing area of locative or internet of things systems. The week will focus on building and developing ideas around sensing systems that collect live data that enable more complex human interaction and playful behaviour with data or location. Lab sessions will include talks by other artists working in this area, technical development sessions and the opportunity to apply design and thinking to a local site.

The Lab environment will encourage all participants to be playful and attempt work conceptually that is not restricted by common narrative or solutions. We aim to form longer term working relationships and knowledge transfer that can support realisation of projects beyond the lab.

At the end of the Lab week there will be an informal presentation of work in progress to an invited audience from the arts, academia and technology sectors. We hope that an outcome from this will be to seed future project work.

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The deadline for applications is 12 noon on 24th December 2014. 




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