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See ARM at the Brains Eden Gaming Festival, 4th -7th July.

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Published: 24th June 2014.

Don’t miss Brains Eden workshop on Android Mobile Game development using Unity3D engine, where experts from ARM will show you tips and hints on how to optimize your game development for mobile, as well as using the Unity profiler and ARM® Mali™ free tools to identify bottlenecks on your code. ARM will then follow with hands-on exercises, using the cube mapping technique to do reflections.

Not that familiar with mobile development? Learn how to set up your first Android Native application up, and to start your first drawings out of a GPU, without the need of a game engine.

Click here for a list of all available tutorials.

ARM's 'Developing for Mobile' workshop is available exclusivly for programmers. If you're a programmer and partcipating in Brains Eden this year, you can book your place on the workshop here. 


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