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Calling all Teachers! Free Online Platform with Educational Tools Now Available

Serious Game Anim 2.0

Published: 23rd April 2014.

For all you teachers out there, we’re excited to introduce you to a new free online platform with downloadable educational tools. Anim 2.0 is a flexible and playful way to teach children, age 10-14 years, discover animation and animated films, as well as audiovisual creation and language! The website includes a serious game, a creative module and a range of educational complementary elements. There is also an area where you can create your own animation and test your skills!


The game has 5 fun modules to play. Educational tools can also be downloaded from the website that shows how to play different modules in the game and then use some practical animation techniques to bring it all to life.  So come on and join the live community!


The game is proudly bought to you by VIVID (Value Increased by Visual Design), a project funded under the European Interreg IV A Programme “2 Mers Seas Zeeën”.


Follow this link to start the game:

Workshop Leaflet

Flyer Presentation

Workshop Leaflet #2

Workshop Leaflet #3






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To learn more about VIVID, please visit their website on  

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