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SHARE Innovators 2011: creating entrepreneurial partnerships across arts and heritage training


Published: 15th August 2011.

Facilitated by George Gawlinski, Independent Development Consultant, this four day course is aimed at staff in museums and arts organisations at all levels who are considering collaborative approaches to their work with external partners and have the authority and capacity to develop a joint project proposal.    

The course is delivered in four separate working days spread over 3 months in Cambridge and will involve 3/4 additional working days of preparation, reading and networking.  The workshop days are highly interactive and participative and aim to bring new perspectives and insights to the work. Participants should gain significant skills in developing financially sustainable projects and enhancing understanding of each other’s work areas.

Further support for projects will be actively sought from the SHARE network as necessary. Application for this course is by letter, signed jointly by both museums and arts organisation wishing to attend.  Any art form will be considered. Applications from museums with individual artists are also welcome.  There will be one round of applications only.  For more information contact: Simon Floyd, SHARE Coordinator E: T: 01603 638141 

Deadline: Fri 9th Sept 11, Training course Course dates: Fri 23rd Sept, Fri 21st Oct, Fri 18th Nov, Fri 9th Dec 

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