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Teams for Brains Eden 2011 confirmed!

Brains Eden 2011

Published: 24th June 2011.

GAME ON! 15 teams have now been confirmed for this years Brains Eden event on the 9th-11th July! Teams will have have 48 hours to create and design a game which will then be judged by industry professionals. Good luck guys!

Sign up now to attend the free Industry/Academia Tete a Tete on Monday 11th July 2011, please email to book your place. More info at

This years teams:

Team Name

University Name

Team Member Name and Skill

Team Member Name and Skill

Team Member Name and Skill 

Team Member Name and Skill 

Team Member Name and Skill 


London College of Communication

James Older, Programming

Anna Lapinsh, Art and Animation

Michael Brown, Programming



Concealed Beard

University Campus Suffolk

Josh Clarke, Artist

Alfred Wyatt, Programmer

James Gilhooley, Programmer

David Bullock, Artist

James Brittain, Audio

C Minus Minus

Anglia Ruskin University - Creative Music Tech. Dept.

Matthew Hollis

Adam Brinkmann

Sammy Vere

James Rogers


Piece of Cheese

NHTV Netherlands

Roel Ezendam, Programmer

Lex Decrauw, Programmer

Marvin Roelofs, Artist

Freek Hoekstra, Artist

Gabrian van Houdt, Artist



Joshua Hackett

Mirza Jašarević

Matthew Street

Sean Pollit

Matt Griffin
Audio Engineer

Black Cloud

London Metropolitan University

Chris Newsum - 3D Artist 

Ashley Mckenzie - 3D Artist

Vlad Vorontsov - 3D Artist

Kamran Sarkar - Programmer


Team Demotivational

London Metropolitan University

Jamie Hamilton, Programming

Aaron Hoyte, Programming

Yanhua Ou, Programming

Awais Qureshi, Programming -

Michael Tran, Artist/Designer

Creative Genius

University of Westminster

Alex Noon - Level Designer/Animator/Backup Programmer

Matthew Weathers - Programmer

Omar Daniel Morisson - Programmer

Mohammed Masri - Game Designer/Sound Designer

Tommy Ly - Modeller/Animator

Hot Seat

Southampton Solent

Arran Langmead
Environment Artist

Christian Brindley
Character Artist

Adrian Gordon

Derek Lettis
Environment Artist

Becca Stabler
Environment Artist


Anglia Ruskin

Serhan Miah, Artist

Jason Mitchell, Artist -

Robin Burkinshaw, Programmer

Will Campbell, Programmer



Anglia Ruskin University

Thomas Linthe, Programming and Game Design

Ryan Staff , Programming and Game Design

Ahron Khachik
skills:  Modelling / Texturing / 2D Graphics

James.E. Avery, Artist


Team UCS

University Campus Suffolk

Daniel Baker, Art/Graphics,

Thomas Weaver, Art/Graphics

Joe Kinglake, Programming

Luke Botham, Programming,


Increasing success by lowering expectations

UCS University Campus Suffolk


David Looney, Programming

Thomas Kiefer, Artist

Ryan Watts, Artist



The Wandering Vagrants

UCS University Campus Suffolk

Michael Murphy - 3D Art/Code

Michael King - 3D art/Photoshop

Luke Norman - Programming



Pixel point

Anglia Ruskin

James Roberts, Programming

Michael Falzon, Character Artist - 3D Character modelling, texturing, and animating & concept art

Hudson (Bowei Han). Modelling , texture artist, animations

Angel Angelov Artist

Chris Darke

Playground Squad









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