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The District create digital peephole for Kettle's Yard

The District and Kettle's Yard

Published: 26th June 2012.

While the hoardings are up and it's all change at Kettle's Yard, The District are giving the world an opportunity to peel back the net curtains and see what is happening behind the scenes. Aside from the obligatory spilling of red wine on flooring samples (in the interests of testing obviously) and debating whether if you were director for the day you would opt for free unlimited biscuits or have more sleepovers in the house, there is a huge amount going on at Kettle's Yard.

The blog is a reflection of this and is bursting with content. The only real problem is that once you enter it is incredibly difficult to leave. You soon while away hours listening to archived audio clips of Jim Ede's friends and watching the captivating Edmund de Waal in his recent booked out talk at Kettle's Yard. 'We wanted to create a virtual window for Kettle's Yard' - Alun Shooter, Creative Partner at The District. 'The place is very much alive and we wanted to ensure every pixel of the site was rich with content'.

'It was established in early meetings that users would want to engage with the site in different ways and as such it was designed to give them the ability to re-shape the site's content based on their particular interest' - Matt Bagnall, Creative Partner at The District. 'It was our job to project the interesting goings-on at Kettle's Yard in an energetic and vibrant way. We achieved this by designing a very simple interface that utilised some interesting movement and incorporated audio and film clips as well as static content. Furthermore it was important to us that the website worked across tablets and smartphones. There wasn't a big budget for a mobile version of the site or an app, so consideration was given from the outset to ensure proportionally and functionally the site would scale in an intelligent way and be accessible in these different contexts.  In short it needed to work for the people using it'

'We have really enjoyed working creatively with The District on this project - it's been a learning experience for us and the team in the studio have shown great patience!  We feel the end result is a great design which our audiences will love and it is also beautiful to use. We look forward to filling the site with great content.' Susie Biller, Marketing and Press, Kettle's Yard.

The beta website is now online at and is an interactive space so do get involved.

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The District are a Creative Agency. We were founded in 2004 by two people who wanted to do things differenter.

It is always very difficult to categorise what we do due to the breadth of our work, but sometimes it is necessary. Therefore broadly our work covers: Brand, Digital + Print. Over the past eight years the agency has helped clients sell energy drinks, got bums on seats and people through doors. We’ve put a Science Centre without a home on the map, brought bricks and mortar to life and changed the face of the high street through art.

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