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The Price of Storytelling Provides an Entertaining and Informative Evening.


Published: 26th September 2011.

We here at Creative Front were very pleased to co-host the event ‘The Price of Storytelling’ with Wired as part of the 31st Cambridge Film Festival on the 21st September at Emmanuel College, Cambridge.  The content of the day looked to explore new ways and forms of funding films and the increasing use and partnership with online platforms and self-distribution. The day also explored some of the ethical issues surrounding film-making. 

Organised in a format which firstly saw a number of film makers, distributors and producers (6 in total) take the stage and present their own unique experience and advice with film funding, the event finished with an interesting panel session which further included Sally Hodgson of SOUND IT OUT, a feature documentary about the last remaining independent record shop in Stockton On Tees; and Greg Vincent of Sponsume, the biggest crowd funding platform for creative projects in the UK & Europe. The panel session stirred up many questions and helped to set up debate for the networking sessions that followed.  


Sally said:

“An interesting debate started up during the session about the ‘return’ for people backing crowd funded or crowd sourced projects."

Guest Speakers on the day included the entertaining Sloane U’Ren and Ant Neely, Cambridgeshire-based Director and Producer, who mortgaged their house to fund their new feature Dimensions; as well as an emotional presentation from Heather Leach of Ginger Army Productions whose up and coming project titled ‘Dancing with Hugo Boss’ detailed her ongoing battle with cancer.

Sloane and AntHeather 2

Gavin Humphries of Quark Films, an innovative production company was second to speak and included information about his latest project ‘The Real Social Network’.

Other highlights were speeches from Geoffrey Smith Director of the documentary ‘The English Surgeon’ who discussed the magic of the director/contributor relationship; Suzanne Alizart of Content Creation at EM Media,  the screen agency investing in and supporting creative talent across the Eastern regions of England; and Sarah Mosses, producer of for the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation, who discussed new forms of distribution and partnership with BritDoc.

              Geoffrey                                 Suzanne

Geoffrey said of the day:

“The Price of Storytelling” was an innovative afternoon looking at the various meanings of the word “price” and “storytelling” and quoted that "It was very good to be able to talk about the later theme and to air it in a public forum."

Suzanne said that:

she was left "inspired by many of the speakers' work and was pleased to have been able to take part."

Sarah added:

It was a "pleasure" to attend The Price of Storytelling and claimed that "one of the main things to come out from the event was the need to build audiences early; whether this is to drive a crowd-funding campaign, source content, or aid distribution."


Creative Front Cambridgeshire was proud to present this event with Wired, our Film & TV Special Interest Group. Please visit Flickr for more photos from the event.                         


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