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Interns - let’s go halves

Interns - let’s go halves

Published: 16th May 2013.

We’re offering 50% funding towards new talent for your company.

We can help place a graduate full-time in your company for up to 12 weeks.

VIVID (Value Increase by Visual Design), a European project, focussed on next generation talent can offer you a creative intern for 4-12 weeks.

You pay: £127.50 per week and we pay the rest!

The intern earns: £230 per week which is tax and NI exempt

We are delighted to offer this subsidy but it won’t last forever. We’ll go halves with you, if you are one of the selected to register.

Anglia Ruskin University would take care of the administration of the programme, including advertising, setting-up interviews and completing the relevant employment documentation. Although the graduate would be employed by Anglia Ruskin University, they would work full-time within your company.


To take advantage of this exciting opportunity please complete the application form or go to for further details. Please note that preference will be given to companies who
offer positions which may lead to longer term opportunities.

If you have any questions, please call the Internships’ office: 0845 196 3177



"What really excited me was that we were able to bring a graduate into an SME of this size; normally it would cost thousands of pounds and he was able to focus on a particular business issue. Within three days he came back with a solution. Basically I think the graduate scheme is the best thing since sliced bread!"

Ade Asefeso, Operations Director, Radio-Tech Ltd

"Working with the Interior Design students enabled the Junction to focus its thoughts and options for the
redesign of its foyer. The students came up with some impressive and imaginative designs and the chosen student has subsequently been working with our architects on the realization of the project."


Richard Oyarzabal, Chief Executive, The Junction


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