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Watersprite Sculpture Competition 2015

Watersprite Sculpture Competition 2015

Published: 22nd December 2014.

Are you an artist?

Watersprite is looking for someone to design an award for the 2015 festival.  Win the chance to have your design professionally created and displayed on an international platform

Every year Watersprite receives hundreds of film submissions, last year from 48 different countries.  The awards ceremony is supported and attended by industry professionals and students from around the world, and hosts a number of high profile speakers.  We are looking for someone to design one of the festival's main awards.

What do I have to design?

A sculpture (23cm high and max 19cm wide, and 14cm deep) that incorporates the letter "W" and some creative element to do with film - the rest is up to you!

The winning artist will then liaise with a member of the Watersprite team to have the sculpture created at Cambridge University using a 3-D printer and finished with metal plating.


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