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And we have lift off! Blog from Creative Front Project Manager, Caroline Hyde

The creative crowd..

Published: 13th May 2011.

An enormous thank you to everyone who joined us at the Launch Party last week. It was fantastic to celebrate alongside the people who have been instrumental in getting us to this point, and I was thrilled to see so many new faces.

Its one thing to believe that you have a good idea and quite another to turn it into reality and see it work (as I’m sure most of you with your own businesses will know and appreciate!).We have had 300 companies and individuals sign up to Creative Front since the site went live in March, and the support and publicity we have received along the way has been tremendously gratifying.

Cambridge has been identified as one of the UK’s top ten creative hotspots and yet the creative industries have been traditionally overshadowed by the other core industries in the region. But the sector makes a substantial contribution to the local economy, not to mention the positive impact on innovation, business growth, the cultural ecology and the quality of life.

That’s why Creative Front is here to support YOU! Our manifesto outlines our commitment to supporting the economic growth and development of the creative industries as a whole.

We want to:

  • Foster and nurture the existing talent and show that Cambridgeshire is a natural creative habitat.
  • Help new start-ups and assist businesses to make growth transitions
  • Provide information on exclusive opportunities including funding, tenders and jobs
  • Hold great events that both inspire and bring people and businesses together

Above all, we want the creative industries to be recognised nationally and internationally through consistent and strong PR.

Creative Front isn’t owned by anyone; it is you and you are it. Creative Front seeks to provide all the resources to deliver our remit, but your support, engagement, enthusiasm and participation will be what makes it a success.

I would like to give a special thanks to Studio 24 and The District for their unwavering belief; to all the networks that were so open and ready to come to the table for the greater good; to all the companies and individuals who have already come on board and finally to the founder members and funders whose time, expertise and financial support made it all viable.

In the meantime, please keep us updated with all your news and achievements and let us shout about them as much as possible. It’s about time Cambridgeshire was put on the creative map!


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