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SIG event: art:language:location - what:why:how

Art Language Location

The Cambridge art scene is positively bubbling along at the moment, and this autumn the latest innovative project to hit our streets will beart:language:location.

A:L:L have invited over 40 artists from across the UK (and beyond) who work with ideas of text and place to display their work in locations around the city this October.

Come along to hear artists and event organisers Robert Good and Matthew Wilson discuss the project. From the original desire simply to make something happen, through to the practicalities of organising artists, negotiating venues, and persuading the public to visit. All with a heady dose of arty insight and anecdote thrown in for good measure.

Followed by a Q&A session.

Event Details
Date: Wednesday 25th September, 7.30pm
Venue: Fountain Inn, 12 Regent Street, Cambridge
Postcode: CB2 1DB
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Contact Details

This event is organised by Cam Creative, our social event partner.  For more infomation, please visit:

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