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Anglia Ruskin students get advice on how to get into the games industry

Panel Session

Published: 25th April 2016.

On Wednesday 20th April, Anglia Ruskin University hosted Get Into Games, the annual talk series with video games industry professionals.  Bringing together Computer Games, Games Art and Audio Music Technology courses, the event is hugely successful at connecting students and people working in Cambridge’s thriving games cluster.  According to the GCGP LEP, 10% of the UK’s computer games developers are within 5 miles of Cambridge city centre.

The event opened with Dr Jan Storgards, the Sector Lead for the Digital and Creative Industries at ARU.  The session titled ‘Great People Make Great Games’, discussed ARU’s role in the Cambridge technology and entrepreneurial ecosystem and why students should study and work in the games industry.

Jan Storgards

Dr. Jan Storgards

Gemma Paris from ARM gave an introduction to ARM and how her team prepare demos for game development companies.  Following Gemma, James and Sarah Woodrow from Utopian World of Sandwiches discussed the trials and tribulation of setting up your own indie studio.

Gemma Paris

Gemma Paris

James and Sarah

James and Sarah Woodrow

Matthew Power and Chris Margerison, both from Sony Interactive Entertainment, graduated as graphic design students and are now working for PlayStation.  With almost 14 years combined experience, Matt and Chris shared their stories of getting into the industry and the key things they have learned along the way.

Matt and Chris

Matthew Power and Chris Margerison

The event closed with an interactive question and answer session with all panel speakers.  With the perfect mix of both indie and industry experiences, 80% of attendees said they would recommend the event to a friend.

The Get into Games Industry Talks act as the perfect warm-up to Brains Eden, the large games festival held at Anglia Ruskin University on Friday 24th – Monday 27th June.

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