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Are you good for nothing?

Good for Nothing

If you answered yes, join us this Friday evening and Saturday at MakeSpace for some turbo charged hacking, making, and doing!

Good for Nothing is about diverse groups of people collaborating, working in new, faster, funner and better ways. Supporting ideas and people that are leading the way to what a flourishing 21st century might look like.

Next weekend we'll be helping local charity foundation E-Luminate. You probably know them for their excellent light festival, but they actually do so much more! They are a social enterprise, raising awareness of sustainable light and light technology. Can you help them to rebrand, reposition, and build a new web presence?

Then join us - the more the merrier! Whether you can come for an hour, or the whole gig, you could make all the difference.



Event Details
Date: Friday 24th April, 6pm
Venue: Makespace Cambridge, 16 Mill Lane, Cambridge ‎
Postcode: CB2 1RX
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