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Introduction to JUCE


Introduction to JUCE and Plonk|Plink|Plank — frameworks for audio software development

Speaker: Martin Robinson
Programme Leader for Audio and Music Technology at University of the West of England, Bristol | Author of the ‘Getting Starting with JUCE’ bookMUSIC AND PERFORMING ARTSRESEARCH LECTURE SERIES

Martin trained in music composition and electronic music before becoming increasingly interested in developing custom audio and music systems. He developed the UGen++ C++ library for developing audio applications that was based on the look-and-feel of the SuperCollider audio programming language. More recently he developed the Plonk|Plink|Plank C/C++ libraries, also for audio application development.

JUCE is a widely-used framework for audio application and plug-in development.

In particular it:

  • Enables cross-platform development on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Makes it easy to build versatile user interfaces
  • Allows the creation of Audio Unit and VST plug-ins using the same codebase
  • Handles MIDI and OSC and the new MPE standard

For more information on JUCE, please visit 

Event Details
Date: Monday 23 May 2016, 17:30
Venue: Jerome Booth Music Therapy Centre
Postcode: CB1 2LZ
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This is a free public event.

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