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Coming soon: The Digital Quilt in a Pop-Up Shop, Cambridge

World Factory

Hunt & Darton are hosting METIS at their POP-UP café @ 36 Bridge Street, Cambridge, CB2 1UW.

Does mass production forget the people?

Join us for a conversation about clothes, capitalism, and creative responses. Arrive early for a glass of sparkling wine with canapés provided by Hunt & Darton.

LAUNCH: we will be launching the World Factory ‘digital quilt’. This is an innovative online portal, allowing audiences to share our research, as we journey through the history and politics of mass manufacture. We have been developing the digital quilt with Cambridge design and technology company, TheFusionWorks, who have also created a bespoke app for our World Factory shirt.

The digital quilt presents information that has been discovered through research in bite-sized chunks. The information is not indexed, so can’t be searched, but is instead journeyed through, panel by panel. It seeks to understand the value in making explicit links between different pieces of information. In a world full of choice, the digital quilt presents just four options to help the user move between panels – up, down, left or right – manifesting the research as a spatial patchwork. The digital quilt will be developed in response to visitor feedback: at this cafe event, we’ll be looking for explorers who can help us shape what the quilt will become and we’ll share with you our ambitions for curated journeys and storyboards of pathways taken.

METIS’ co-directors Zoë Svendsen and Simon Daw will also present a prototype of the World Factory Shirt. Part research method, part art object, The Shirt is a specifically designed consumer item, to be manufactured in a Chinese factory, which uses bespoke digital technology to make visible all the people and processes behind its production. Mimicking the real world, production of The Shirt will be possible when we raise the capital for manufacture; you can make an advance purchase of the shirt to contribute to that goal.

Event Details
Date: Thursday 15th May, 18:30
Venue: 36 Bridge Street
Postcode: CB2 1UW
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