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New Writing Festival Hotbed 2014

New Writing Festival

Run by the talented and always encouraging Menagerie Theatre company, and held at Cambridge Junction, the annual Hotbed extravaganza is Cambridge’s New Writing Theatre Festival, and it’s completely ace!

The four-day festival is broken down into several strands – here’s what you need to know:

Fully Formed

There are three productions that will be shown as finished pieces. First up a macabre but funny mystery with quite possibly the best/most unnerving name ever: He Had Hairy Hands. Staged by Kill the Beast, expect “supernatural slaughter”. Guinea Pigs on Trial by Sh!t Theatre employs spoken word, singing, satire, absurdity and lots of moving about and asks whether it’s worth being a guinea pig for dodgy pharmaceutical companies. And lastly, All Roads Lead to Rome, courtesy of artist Chris Dobrowolski, who will be investigating his father’s days as a Polish soldier.


This lot are still evolving, but shape-wise they are almost there: Run explores the faux-life of reggae singer Lorna Gee; In a Vulnerable Place combines wit and trouble in a monologue; travel to space in Moon Casting; please Dobrowolski once again at Buy My Bloody Book!; find out who you are and what it’s all about in Stuck in the Mud, and plunge into black political comedy MENTAL play and feel a little disturbed.

Scratch Performances

These pieces come in embryonic form, semi-staged, semi-learnt and semi-read from the script, but to be honest, that probably makes them all the more intriguing and raw, plus, the potential for something going a bit wrong just multiplies. Imagery, emotion and the study and treatment of depression are the focus of A House Divided; For All That Matters is about the bitterness of love; Off With Her Head questions the basis of identity through theatre and dance, while Barbara’s Eyes explores insomnia with projection and spoken word instead of sheep to count.

With Scripts

Isobel Cohen’s Fury explores the aftermath of a young man burning down his best friend’s house during a party, while The Scour, written by Beatrice Armstrong, follows Tabitha as her North Norfolk home and street crumble into the sea. Both will be read script in hand.


Pick up tips on how to adapt source material for the stage with award-winning playwright Fraser Grace; learn How To Be An Idiot in a physical comedy workshop with surrealist troupe Kill the Beast that will involve lots of silliness and many, many foolish faces; finally, dissect work-in-progress piece Stuck in the Mud and develop your own live performance with Menagerie’s artistic director Paul Bourne.

(The Legendary) One Page Play Competition

Twelve one page plays, a discerning audience acting as judge and a £100 prize for the winner to give to their charity of choice – ready to put on your critic’s hat? The talented champion of the young person’s strand will also scoop £50.

There’s almost too much to choose from.

Hotbed Festival 2014: Testing, testing!.

Ticket prices vary. Call (01223) 511511 

Event Details
Date: Thursday 10th July - Sunday 13th July at various times
Venue: The Junction, Clifton Way, Cambridge
Postcode: CB1 7GX
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