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Design Icons 2012

I have heard someone say that design is that part of product development where you add value faster than you add cost – Dr Shamus Husheer, Inventor, DuoFertility

 Creative Front was chosen as part of the Design Council’s Design Fund for Growth to produce the month long festival Design Icons, celebrating Cambridgeshire’s design innovation. Cambridge is home to some of the most iconic modern product designs. The Ruskin Gallery at Anglia Ruskin University provided a platform to recognize 20 of the most important products designed in Cambridgeshire over the last 40 years.

On Thursday the 9th of February 2012, a Design Icons launch Party was held at Ruskin Gallery to celebrate the design talent of Cambridge. Working with Changing Spaces also saw various pop up exhibits in Regent Street, Cambridge.

Tim Evans, director of Cambridge-based Think Product Design, was one of the design and industry experts who selected the remaining 19 products to be showcased, from a shortlist of over 90 submissions.

“What’s particularly exciting about the products we’ve selected is their diversity,” said Tim. “While Cambridge is world famous for science and technology, innovative products such as the Evian water bottle and Prestige kettle demonstrate the real impact that Cambridge design can bring to products in any sector”.

Final 20 Products Exhibited

The head of Cambridge School of Art, Chris Owen opened the event and was followed by other speakers: Julian Huppert; MP for Cambridge, Clive Grinyer; Head of Customer Experience at Cisco Systems and was concluded with a note of thanks from Clare Denham, Creative Front Manager.

Throughout the festival, Cambridgeshire businesses had the opportunity to attend a series of networking events which focussed on how to incorporate creativity and design into business practice. Networking included the opportunity to attend the ‘Design 4: Event Series’ where they could meet and talk directly with a broad spectrum of design professionals in a relaxed environment.

Design 4: Event Series

Kicking off the’ Design 4: Event Series ‘was the’ Design 4: Enterprise & Start Ups’ on 1st February 2012, 6-9pm.  This session brought together product/industrial designers, intellectual property experts and inventors, providing advice on start-up ventures and new product ideas. 

‘Design 4: Success’ on 8th February 2012 illustrated the value that Cambridge design can offer businesses.  This session was primarily focussed on the power of design and its ability to transform and add value in conjunction with effective business development and cost saving tools.

‘Design 4: Manufacture ‘on 15th February 2012 specifically explored the key elements in a product’s life cycle and their importance to ensure a smooth transition to volume manufacture.

‘Design 4: Communication’ on 22nd February 2012 focussed on how to engage more clients and customers through design and the use of creative tools, i.e. website, graphics and a wide identity.

‘Design 4: Masterclass ‘closed the event series on 29th February 2012 with a master class for design professionals, graduates and start-up businesses on the value of design.




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